General TVHS Information
How to Survive VA Resident Clinic (2009)
Bariatric Surgery Consult
Official VA Regulations (2005)
VISN-9 Quick Summary (2009)
Herpes Zoster Vaccination
VHA Patient and Provider Information (2007)
VHA Official Vaccine Information (2007)
OIF/OEF-Specific Veteran Information
General Conflict Information (2007)
Intake Clinical Requirements (2007)
TVHS VA Urine Drug Screen
Metabolites Chart v2 (2008)
Chronic Narcotics Use Policies
Narcotics Use Policy (2005)
Narcotics Use Policy (2008)
Home Telehealth Consults
Procedures (2008)
VA-Specific Encounter/Billing/Coding
Answering Encounter Service-Connection Guideline (2008)
VA-Specific Diabetic Patient Guidlines
Glucose Monitoring Frequency Limits (2009)
Glucose Monitoring Frequency Study Reference (2009)
Patient Assessment of Physical or Mental Status / Adequacy
VA Clinician limits for completing medical clearance / limitation forms (2007)
Dual Primary Care Guideline for Veterans
      Patient Education / Information Pamphlet (2009)

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